Monday, December 8, 2008

Wire Lists, Revisited

More wirelist fun at work today. I just got introduced to an even more complex and unwieldy and hard to understand wirelist format. It's very daunting - especially concerning the sheer amount of information I have to absorb to create such a list effectively. To give you an idea, I have at least 15 connectors on my testing unit with probably an average of 25 contacts each. these are brought straight through to eight larger more populated connectors that range from high-current connectors wil 20 contacts to low-current low-voltage connectors with a max of 192 contacts. Most of these are utilized. Then, the doohickey that plugs into THAT eight-connector monstrosity has several complications: wiring on its inside to connect signals, and multiple cables and connectors coming off of one plug doohickey. Then it's finally the unit under test with its 15+ connectors. And in between the doohickey and the UUT I have to keep track of which wires are twisted, gauges, colors, etc. Furthermore, this process embodies the problem I stated in the original wire list post: The same information is stored in different methods in different files. Very much ripe for errors.

Of course this is a good thing. I need to know that my XML scheme can entirely define all the information I need to reproduce all of the wirelist files I have at my disposal. This is a very complicated system and if I could represent it I'd be happy. Already I've made several changes based on what I've seen so this should be good experience.

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